Can I Live: The life of Dealing w/ Others because I Deal w/ Their Kids


As I am sitting in this tutoring session, I am realizing that there are so many people this day in age that are not active in the education of their children. As a freelancing child care provider, I have encountered some of the most interesting parental situations. They seem to get worst the more money that is involved though. It’s like the more successful the family, the more issues the children have. This has been shown as behavioral, social and educational. Working in the DC and NYC areas help validate this observance due to the constant busy city lifestyles. Which further frustrates considering these parents are always penny pinching when it comes to the development of their children.

For instance, I’ve had a child who was moving to a foreign country shortly after I was hired to assists her. Mind you, this child hasn’t made it to grade school, speaks multiple languages but cannot read well and knows very little math. Regardless of all of that, the family limited the subjects and the hours for this child. They kept saying ” oh, this is going to be too much for her. 2 hours a day is fine, no?” What. in .the .hell is 2 hours of studying three subjects going to do? Especially when I have been rescheduled for toddler party engagements and playdates. And she didn’t want me to teach the child Spanish though their moving to a Spanish-speaking country and all of the child’s previous schoolwork was bilingual. -_-. Just so they can save $100 a week. It’s selfish and foolish in my opinion.


It is more frustrating when the children get overwhelmed because it’s like I’m walking into a huge mess dying to fix it but knowing it didn’t begin with me. I love tutoring children but this was a session I wish was just nannying. It would be so much smoother. I’m dealing with a child who clearly was never forced to think in their 5 years of living, the parents rather them have fun than learn, they looks at you for every the answer and you have to countdown a deadly 10 seconds before the right mind begins to function. It’s a headache! But it’s also sad because in this profession you see how possible your peers were raised and just people in society. Kids who don’t care about getting education are usually those who weren’t pushed enough. Those who always had someone give them the answer or no one to help explain things to them. Or even those who have been spoiled materialistically and very social but lack intelligence and depth. I’m sensitive about children and in this world today, it causes me to meditate more so I won’t blackout on the children because of their oblivious and/or unproductive parents when it comes to their education. It sucks because I don’t want to judge parents however I have deal-breakers. Coming from a mother who has always been about their children, giving them the best with less and never letting anything come before her children, you have to understand why I look sideways to those successful with much riches and resources yet their children’s education is limited and seems like an item on the to do list. I don’t want to hear any other situational issues that can keep a 5 year old child from learning because there aren’t any. Even if the child  Don’t have them if you cant afford to keep them and do your best in their overall growth. Reasons why I don’t like flowers as gifts.


Peepin’ at You People Different- 7th Day of Ramadan


**PS: there may be typos in here like crazy, however I can’t care. That’s what disables so many of us amazing souls. What has disabled me.  Caring becomes a burden for self at times. No longer.

The devil is a liar. I know this. We know this. But on my 7th day of Ramadan, I am truly recognizing that any uneasy energy imbalance I experience is caused by negative vibes. I sat in my bed last night and told myself, “I must have been crazy if I thought I wasn’t going to be tested heavily in the next 30 days!” This was after someone attempted to make their decision my issue. The uneasy energy imbalance caused by those yucky vibes are usually created from individuals who do not get their personal pleasures met. Whether you do not react a way they want you to or succumb to their opaque expression of emotion. Coming from a person who stayed with an attitude about something, as I continue to grow as a woman in self and in spirituality, attitudes become worthless by the eye-roll. Attitudes complicate pure concern, pure understanding, and pure solutions! As we grow as people of Knowledge, simply removing our lower selves and asking or telling someone what’s bothering us, what makes us happy, what scares us… just sharing anything about our TRUE self, becomes effortless and freeing. So as a woman continuously seeking Knowledge and bettering myself, I believe those individuals choose to continuously express themselves through the lower self and I have to remove myself.

For those who know the Truth and decide to project from their Lower energies, find better comfort in negative charges than investing in positive charges for themselves and others.  For they have the same tools and wisdom to grow and learn for the better of Knowledge and inner growth for the lovely journey of inner-self peace. Unfortunately but beautifully we all move to a beat from different drums however as life goes on, I’m feeling I can only surround myself with those who understand that there is only One Maker of all drums. And who do all in their conscious to praise and understand that life can be much worst. That gratitude is forever and everything. I mean, this is all of my interpretation and understanding from myself and the experiences in my life. If I can go 15-16 hours a day without digesting food and 30 days under the Holy month to show my appreciation to be here in this world, I know everyone in this world who was also created in the image of the Highest Power, can take time to look into themselves and understand who and why they are how they are.

Okay i’m done! I was just moved to type today. I had to come here for many reasons but nothing more important than my life tax of being alive. Like all the messengers sent to better this world, I’m here sharing a message. Not trying to convince or diagnose. Just sharing. May peace be with you all and Ramadan Mubarak!

Thrift Life!

elle-sendall-vc-14“Speaking of Winter, change, and all that awesome stuff.. can you say ‘whaddup new swag!’? Oh yes, your dopeness rippens with each season switch up, know this. It’s all part of the metamorphosis *winks*.  

Now at this point, it’s safe to say that many of us have let our New Year’s resolutions fall all the way back. Some of us hung in there for a month or two but definitely by the time summer hit, it was vacation mode on basically everything. Trust, I’ve done some slacking for sure. Now playtime is over and we have to get back to the grind, full fledge levels.


Whew, it gets real. But hey, it’s not all business right? *birdman hand rub* (sidenote:why is that guy so creepy?) Who knows, but I digress..

Alright, so one thing that pops into my head as the Fall season creeps in is ‘Oh, I need to go thrifting, ASAP.’ Yea, there may be more pressing things to think about, but new clothes never stops being relevant. Especially when you have to thug your life out through the New York weather (if you’ve dealt with it you know….it gets brick). I’m sure many of you can relate to that struggle of trying to keep up with the weather remixes while maintaining a reasonable bank account.  


Let’s face it, our style changes yearly and each season is an opportunity to really come into ourselves. Trends fade and tastes mature. With that, so must the wardrobe. Well, the thrift store is ideal for that. Once you get past the notion of other people owning your clothes, you can really come up and find some serious gems for the lowski. If you go into the right thrift store with $100, I promise you’ll walk out feeling like the most accomplished shopper in the world. New scarves, hats, boots, sweaters, vintage dresses, blouses…everything lit.

You get to really be creative with outfit combinations and not have to worry about breaking your pockets to one. Unique is it.  From experience, the best one to visit is in Downtown Brooklyn. It’s huge and literally feels like a treasure hunt. Now, if the “pre-owned clothing” life isn’t your cup of tea, then you can definitely reap the same benefits from They have so many dope pieces for wild cheap! Clearance shopping from the comfort of your home??


Keep an open mind and the hauls are limitless. Whether you’re in the thrift store physically or fake thrifting online, the goal is to get your money’s worth and move into the new season with a wardrobe customized to meet your swag. and keep you warm. Happy shopping!

Fall Shows Back! September Series Premiere Calendar

Yeah, it’s Fall time. Time for all of our favorite shows that we love to cuddle up with to return to the tube. Get your DVRs and calendars ready for this list highly anticipated I’m sure! You should have enough time to curve distractions, gather the girls and go wine shopping by knowing when you can expect your ish to come back on TV. Don’t see your show or interested in that brand new series? Let me know. This calendar can be easily updated!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 1.11.10 PM

*Modern Family airs on ABC. woops.😉

 Sunday September 27th:

Sunday, Sep. 27
Bob’s Burgers season six premiere, 7:30P: Fox
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series finale movie, 8p: CBS
Once Upon a Time season five premiere, 8p: ABC
The Simpsons season 27 premiere, 8p: Fox
Brooklyn Nine-Nine season three premiere, 8:30p: Fox
Family Guy season 14 premiere, 9p: Fox
The Last Man on Earth season two premiere, 9:30p: Fox

9-4-15 :: Happy BeyDay, Bih!

It’s Queen Bey’s 34th birthday and like every other national holiday, the world will be celebrating it all together. My love for Beyonce isn’t as exaggerated as the beyhive but it’s on medium high levels genuinely. The best overall performer alive in the world (IMO), hardworker, MILF to the gawds and amazing wife. To the woman who always manages to do everything with style and grace, Happy Birthday, Yoncé.

Check out the cutest post of Beyonce’s loved ones sharing songs that compliment their relationship with Bey. (Still Tippin’ though? Bey is such her environment on the medium low)

VMA 2015 Recap by @AsToldByTiffy

The VMAs were this past Sunday and as always with MTV, the fuckery reigned. I knew this was headed towards a disaster when Miley Cyrus was going to be hosting. I’ll pass. I caught some of the performances, Nicki’s “Miley, What’s Good?” inquiry and of course King Yeezus and his speech to the gawds. Needless too say, the show wasn’t that exciting this year.

It’s great to know that you can find someone who kind of feels the same way and willing to give a synopsis of what really matters.  And that someone is the lovely Tiffy Stewart. She recently covered the VMAs in 20 minutes detailing the “need to know.” Gotta love it! Saving some time while still sipping the current events tea. Check it out! Especially to hear Tiff’s view on Kanye West and how we Millennials received his message. She mentions Miley, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift too. I’m sure you will enjoy it! Be sure to subscribe and follow her as well! You won’t be disappointed!

September Is Here – Time for Change!

Great evening all! Thank you first and foremost for letting me get out my previous post. I appreciate those who actually have been following the blog for years and check in here and there! We are upon the beginning of a new season, my favorite, Autumn. Let’s bring in some new habits, revise some things in your lifestyles and start creating the environment we want for ourselves now!


Besides the fact that all of our favorite shows are resuming and the overrated “cuffing season” soon commences, Fall brings opportunity to reorganize, de-clutter and develop healthy habits. Our dosages of Vitamin D will be lessening and our bodies automatically slowly seep into survival/hibernation mode. The best thing to start with would be mental and physical space. These activities will help you de-clutter your environment and attract a peace of mind before your Fall calendar fills!

Clean the mirrors and walls in your home
     I’m really big on energy free-flowing and leaving some remnants on everything it graces. Get some warm soapy water and go to work on the walls in your house. Put on your favorite jams and “wax on – wax off” on those walls. Adding a couple drops of your favorite essential oil will definitely bring a boost of the “new you” in the home!  I’d recommend these essential oils for the season. Essential oils, especially citrus and spices are very intense so use lightly:

Sweet Orange 

Sweet Almond

Reorganize your closet!
It’s time to get the racerbacks, camos and daisy dukes out of the drawers. Go through all of your wardrobe and see what can go to charity or a donation bin. The whole idea is to grind all winter so you can buy more clothes in the Spring… or whatever motivates you to give back and stay motivated. Pull out the bins to switch clothes out. If you need a new dresser, start making those moves. Your more organized your closet, the more time you can plan your outfit in your head from your cozy bed.

Collect the Dust Bunnies
  Dust holds all of the cooties, hair balls, and whatever else tumbles in the corners and cracks of your room/home. Weather it’s a feather duster using the attachment  on a vacuum, clean it up! =)

Organize your computer/laptop/tablet.
Delete some emails, photos, note drafts and anything else that you do not need anymore. (You can always store them in a cloud, email folder, DropBox,etc. if they are good for a rainy day.) Give your devices  break for a while and let up on some of that space that you will be grateful for as your goals and schedules build! This includes your contacts as well.

Go through your refrigerator and pantries.
If you didn’t know, as the weather gets colder, our body begins to preserve itself. So slower heart rate and slower metabolism to obtain heat and energy. So you remember how easy (or not so easy) it was in June to run off that row of Oreos? It’s going to be a bit tougher to do so in the Fall/Winter months. Find alternatives for cozy snacking, refill the fridge with healthier foods with vibrant colors.

Create a time to gain a peace of mind.
Yoga, Meditation, Writing, Painting, completing a puzzle. Whatever it is that brings you joy, tranquility and an inner smile, MAKE TIME FOR IT DAILY! Twice a day if you can. Constantly influencing the creativity in ourselves gives the sense of self-confidence, self-worth and self-love. As soon as you wake up or right before you go to bed, align this activity with something you do everyday so you can easily make it a daily habit!

There are a few things to get you started! It’s the first week of the month so pace yourself but get. it. done. What are some things you do it get yourself prepared for the Fall seasons? Let me know below.

My intention is always that of helping at least one person. =)